Testimonial Comments

Here are some testimonials from previous speaking engagements and publications (including my new book).

"Thank you for covering our product in your book. You are a thought leader and a champion of the Cloud movement." Rockville, Md

"....I had the opportunity to read your book and found it to be a valuable and informative read. In particular, I was interested in your take on private clouds given that many speakers at the Conference were highlighting these as a dominant focus. In the face of their arguments, I found your position on the economics and scalability of true public clouds compelling. Your book was also a great tutorial on all of the various offers in the marketplace and saved me a great deal of time coming up to speed on all these permutations. Thank You!" San Jose, CA

"Jim takes complicated engineering concepts and makes them easy for non-technical people like me to understand. I finally get Cloud." Anonymous, Washington, DC

"Jim's passion shines through whenever he is in front of an audience."Anonymous, St. Louis, MO

Sample Speaking Videos

5 Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing (June 2012):

Security in the Cloud(June 2012):

What is Application Virtualization: (October, 2011):

Virtualized Dynamic Data Center: Secure Multi-Tenancy for Cloud (June 2010):

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