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About Jim

Currently the President and CTO of V3 Systems in Salt Lake City, Jim Sweeney has more than 35 years of experience in the development and integration of a broad range of enterprise IT applications and technologies. He has held several roles including technical, sales and marketing positions over his career. Previously to his current position Jim served as the CTO of GTSI Corp (now UNICOM Federal Systems). Previously he was the Manager of the Virtualization and Cloud Computing Consulting Practice at GTSI, working with different federal, state and local agencies on a variety of technical solutions primarily focused in the areas of server, desktop, and application virtualization as well as storage virtualization and consolidation.

Prior to GTSI Mr. Sweeney held diverse roles with numerous firms including Commodore Business Machines, The Singer Corporation and VA Linux Systems. He now serves as GTSI's Chief Technology Officer where he is leading the company's efforts to assist the public sector in taking maximum advantage of this new technology.

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While the above sounds complicated, it is really very easy and provides several benefits. It allows me to edit the site easily (with Eclipe), keep version control current (with Git / GitHub), upload new blog posts easily and quickly (with Jekyll), and host the site in a manner that makes it easy for you the user to get to even when there is power problems here in Northern VA., thanks to Amazon's network!

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